3 Tips for Any Foodie

Do you take pleasure in enjoying your meals and taking pictures of your food? Then you can call yourself a foodie! 

Smartphones allow you to have easy access to a good quality camera at all times. This means you can easily take pictures of your dishes whenever you want. Food pictures create psychological effects for those who observe the image because it conveys an emotion of craving. It not only attracts others to try to enjoy the same meal but to also create a similar moment. 

Below you can find 3 tips for how to create the perfect foodie picture by using the AirBrush app.


The setting of the plates and decorations are a must for your food pictures, they need to create symmetry. The placement will draw attention to the most important element and make the rest of the objects be in perfect balance. Focus on having an arrangement in your picture; balance the colors, make the patterns neat, be chaotic if necessary (for instance, when taking a picture of a salad), and always start in the middle and then work your way out.


 If, for any reason, when you take your picture, there are parts of the image that create an imbalance, use the Crop or the Rotate tools in AirBrush

Macaroons (cropped)
Pizza (cropped)

Bringing Out the Good Side

LIghting is always a necessity, but sometimes it’s hard to find good lighting. Try to light your image from the sides to bring out the shadows and show the texture of the food. Avoid lighting the food from the front, this can create a bland-looking dish. If you are in a position where lighting is not your friend, use the tools under the Enhance tab in your AirBrush app to help you out.

Examples: Slightly decrease the Contrast of the first image to reduce the darkness of the background, which will help light the food better.

Surf n turf

In the second image, increase the Shadow to give more lighting to the center of the photo.

Surf n turf (shadows)
Surf n turf (shadows)

Be Creative

Always think outside the box so you can make your foodie pictures stand out. Though, because food is a complex object and you do not want to mess with the texture too much, if and when you use filters, be careful to not overdo it. 

These are a few of the Filters in AirBrush that can give your image a great and light touch up.

The Viola filter will give your photo some minor color but create a big change!

Cereal (viola)

The MAR-3 filter gives you great lighting without worrying about going through every Enhance tool, trying to do it yourself. Also, keep in mind the symmetry and use any of the previous tools if necessary. In this case, the Rotate tool was used.

Eggs (rotate)

Next time you decide your plate is worth a picture, try any of the tips above and see the difference. Try these 3 tips for any foodie, and don’t forget to finish by editing those minor details with AirBrush, and if you feel up for it, tag us @airbrushoffical so we can see your yummy creations!

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