Introducing: Thay

Hi, my name is Thayna Albuquerque, I’m a proud 22 years-old carioca!
Since I was very young (12,13 ) I have this passion for photography and everything that rolls behind and after the photo!

To make that photo game in perfect angle and then that miracle in the edition for the final presentation. For this and many other reasons I took a liking for editing and I ended up joining Graphic Design course, to learn Photoshop and other tools ins a proper manner. Two years later I created a channel on YouTube showing my daily life and I ended up including my photographer and editor side in the daily video themes too! It was great to see that so many people liked it and ended up giving it to me even more!

I expanded to Instagram: I had to show that a simple photo can look great using apps, even without having experience, just with tips and tricks!
At that time I met AirBrush and I fell in love more and more to influence and to teach people to use the creativity and to practice the art that is to photograph and to edit. Let’s exchange experiences? 😉

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Subscribe now and create pro-level edits with AirBrush Premium.
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