Edit with Wandavision

There are many questions. Did you watch the premier of Wandivision? What is Wandavision? Where are they but also… when are they? There’s still much to learn about the particular predicament our happy couple have gotten themselves into but what we do know is that time travel is possible. That’s right, you can take your pics back & forth through decades with just a few swipes of that little finger (and with AirBrush, of course). Now the only question is which era does your aesthetic belong in. Take our Wandavision quiz and find where you and your next selfie belong and how to edit yourself back in time. Let’s go!

The Results

Get Your 50’s Doll Life On

You’re life is all poodle skirts and jello and you ain’t mad at it! You and your matching sweater set are here to keep this peachy keen and classic. Use your Enhance Tool to adjust your Contrast, Brightness, Grain, & Saturation and combine with filters like MON-6 from the Monocle Filter Pack and ULT-3 from the Ultrapop Filter Pack to create the perfect vintage aesthetic. Just like our friends in Wandavision, you’ll be ready to entertain!

Get Groovy, Baby We’re in the ‘70s

Everything can, should, and will be sunrise vibes. You’re definitely the wild child of the bunch but aren’t we all children of the wild at the end of the day? Get into the groove with a Skin Tone hack using the custom color feature, then throw some Prism action in for some funk. The MAR-2 Filter from the Morocco Filter Pack is the perfect polaroid action you need to take this pic to the disco. We’re not quite in the ‘70s on our Wandivison journey just yet but we can’t wait!

Hop in Losers, We’re going Shopping… in the ‘80s!

You’re never afraid of living on the glam side. It’s all about volume, color, & shine and that’s the American dream, baby. Put on some high fidelity and use the Glitter Tool to accent your color blocking. Then when you’re ready to really get tubular, use one of the VHS Filters to get cinematic, 3-D real. 
There you have it! We traveled back in time to three different decades and we didn’t even need a passport. Now, off you go to find out who, what, where, and when we are saving the day on Wandavision! Don’t forget to send us the answers to these questions and also share your edits with us! Use the tag #AirBrushApp for a chance to get featured on the AirBrush Instagram page @AirBrushOfficial.

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