Fly with Fuji Filters

Summer is coming and that means it’s time for adventures, experiences, and travel! What better way to celebrate all things travel than with a gorgeous dose of our newest, steamy Filters, the Fuji Filter Pack! These 6 Filters are all you need to spice up that already amazing travel pic. Whether a mountain top or a rooftop terrace, the Fuji Filter Pack is the key to an epic travel-influencer worthy post. Ready to find out is right for you? Take the Fuji Filter Quiz and find out!

The Results


You’re here for a romantic time… Traveling is all about the experience for you and your flying off with the warm glow of FJ01. Snap your pic as you’re strolling through a major park or landmark and splash this amazing Fuji Filter on it to create the perfect #travel post.


You’re here for adventures, buddy. You think that traveling should come with drama and excitement. How else do you get stories to tell? Try the FJ02 Filter and tell your adventure story with an epic edit.


You’re here for the culture! Museums, exhibits, & statures, oh my! Snap a pic at your favorite mural or at a historic landmark then try the FJ03 Filter to capture the magic of being there. 


Mother nature, doll. That’s who we’re here for! FJ04 captures all the beauty of that tropical hike while keeping the colors vibrant and the vibe hyped. You’re probably all about being in the moment so snap that pic then sit down at the end of the day with some matcha and edit it to perfection with this amazing Fuji Filter.


She’s a city girl. Berlin, Tokyo, & Dubai, you travel from skyscraper to skyscraper and you love to people watch more than anything. Get that city vibe with the FJ05 Filter. A perfect mix of bold tones and dramatic shadows. Splash it on your pic during your next 30 floor elevator ride and watch those likes rack up!


You’re a wild one! You start out at a tea house and end at a basement rave. You know how to ride the wind and experience every part of life. Use FJ06 on your next slightly posed but not-so-posed candid and have your insane story ready to go. People will want to know!

Now that you’ve got your signature Fuji Filter get out there and post your fav travel pics. Or better yet! Plan your next year’s worth of adventures and use this Filter Pack to make sure you keep that aesthetic tight and ready for a year end photo dump. Don’t leave your AirBrush friends out in the cold! Follow @AirBrushOfficial and use the tag #AirBrushApp to keep up with all our newest features, tools, & hacks. Also keep an eye out… You might end up on our stories! Till’ the next adventure!

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