How to Bedazzle Any Photo Using Glitter

Let’s be honest: using actual glitter to bedazzle yourself is kind of a pain. It gets everywhere. You might just want a dash of glitter on your eyelids for a fun photo opp and lo and behold, 3 weeks later, you’re still finding specks of sparkle in the bottom of your purse.

Everyone loves glitter. But who really wants to deal with the mess of it? 

Not to worry, glitter goddesses of the world, we’ve got you covered on the AirBrush app! Using the Glitter feature, you can bedazzle just about anything, and not have to worry about finding glitter flecks all over your clothes for weeks after.

Glitter can enhance any photo. From adding it to your complexion, to your clothes, to the background of your photo, Glitter is a dazzling post-production hack that upgrades any and every photo. 

Here are 3 ways to use the AirBrush Glitter feature to bedazzle your next photo.

Glam with Glitter

The Glitter feature is a lovely way to get that dewy, glowy look that only people with years of makeup experience can achieve in real time. No need to watch every YouTube tutorial on how to perfectly apply highlighter, with the Glitter feature you can do that all with a quick swipe and tap of your finger. 

Open the Glitter tool and choose the shade of sparkle that you want to try. Don’t worry, you can change the shade after you’ve done your application. We suggest zooming in to apply the glitter more precisely.

On your next close-up photo, use Glitter to add a pop of glimmer on your eyelids and brow bone. Also try applying Glitter on your lips. This can give you that illuminated, glistening lip that looks like you applied an expensive lip gloss.

If you accidentally color outside the lines, not to worry! Just tap the ‘eraser’ option and remove the spots you don’t want. 

Switch between different shades of Glitter to find the shade that perfectly illuminates your skin. You can also change the level of the feature effect using the right hand side bar. 

Accessorize with Glitter

You can add flare to any outfit in your photos using the Glitter feature. This is a great way to give your clothes some sparkle when you feel like your outfit needs a little bit more dazzle in your photo.

You can also use it to change the color of your clothes to make them contrast more or less with the background of your photo.

Or, use the Glitter feature to change into a completely different outfit without having to buy a million new clothes. 

The Glitter feature is a great tool to add pizzazz to any outfit and also a way for you to change up your look if you just want to daydream about having fresh new clothes.

Amp up your Background with Glitter

Ever look at a photo and think “I wish I had been in front of a different background”. The Glitter feature can help you with that! Use it to add sparkle to any backdrop. Try experimenting with the different shades to see how it affects the tone of the colors in your photos.

In cases where you think the backdrop to your shot could use some flare, use the feature to create an artistic, showy wall that could be housed at a classic old hotel. 

With all this Glitter inspo, now it’s your turn to make every photo cooler using the Glitter! We can’t wait to see your dazzling shots! Make sure to tag your photos with hashtag #AirBrushApp to be featured on our official account, @AirBrushOfficial.

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