How to use: Vignette

Today’s tutorial is about the Vignette tool of the AirBrush app. This tool will instantly frame your pictures for a unique look! With this tool, You’ll put an accent on the center of your picture and help direct the viewer’s eye. Framing can also help to contrast your photo and its background. With the Vignette tool, frame your pictures in a single click!

Vignette for the spotlight

While taking pictures, there are times where the background is too busy. With the Vignette tool, bring the focus back to the center of the picture and on yourself. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, select the Vignette feature in the tool menu. To use this tool, drag the dot from 0 to 100, this will increase or decrease the intensity of the effect.  And voilà! 

How to use: Vignette 01
How to use: Vignette 02
How to use: Vignette 03

Vignette for black & whites

Black and White pictures are always charming and bring a “vintage” feeling. Accentuate this feeling with the Vignette tool. Framing your Black and White pictures will give them extra layers of depth. This will bring your B&W photos to the next level! 

How to use: Vignette 04
How to use: Vignette 05
How to use: Vignette 06

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