MAY DAY MAY DAY – Retouching SOS!

Retouching SOS 01

Blemishes, acne, & stains OH MY! Nothing ruins a perfect pic than the most annoying imperfections. May Day May Day! We have a blemish incoming! Save yourself from selfie SOS and find the perfect Retouching Tool for your next selfie! After your quiz results you can scroll down for before and afters then head on over to your AirBrush App to try it yourself! Ready to save the day with your own Retouching secret weapon? Let’s go!

Before and Afters

The Acne Tool

Acne is the worst but the Acne Tool is the BEST! Take care of all those annoying blemishes with this easy to use Retouching Tool and watch as your face goes from bleh to OOoooOOooooooo! Avoid a facial May Day and try it today!

The Firm Tool

Wrinkles happen to us when we least expect it! While we’d all love an unlimited supply of botox, here’s a less painful option… The Firm Tool! Simply select those pesky wrinkles and watch as they dissapear from sight. Hot Tip: Use it to remove pet hair on your clothes! Avoid a facial May Day and try it today!

The Smooth Tool

With all these new contouring techniques and wig trends it’s easy to forget some of the final details and end up with a shotty pic! That’s why the Smooth Tool is here to make sure no one catches that wig line (speaking figuratively and literally). Avoid a facial May Day and try it today!

The Resize Tool

So you took a couple of sporty pics then realized the camera didn’t capture those muscles the way you remember them? We got you. Using the Resize Tool lets you pump up or pump down anything that got caught up in what we’ll call a “bad angle”. No shame in the Retouching game over here! Avoid a photo May Day and try it today!

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