Your AirBrush Premium Feature this Holiday Season

We’ve heard of the good list and the naughty list but what if there were cooler lists? That’s right, this holiday season we’re not binding ourselves to the social constructs that are “good” and “bad”. Instead we’re going to say you’re all good and all deserving of Airbrush Premium’s best features. But which feature exactly? Take our holiday quiz to find out which Premium feature you deserve and get to editing some perfect holiday pics!

You deserve Bokeh!

This holiday season you’re going to focus on the special moments and let the rest melt away into a million little stars.  The Bokeh Tool gives you profesh level camera focusing all while letting you change the motif from hexagons to tiny hearts. Perfect for a killer winter selfie!

You deserve Beauty Magic!

This holiday season… who cares what season it is, we should look good year round! While others focus on bangles and baubles you know that the real reason for the season is a yuletide shade of eyeshadow and a fabulous lip stain. Let the Beauty Magic tool do the heavy lifting this holiday season!

You deserve Diamonds!

Who doesn’t love Diamonds?! The Diamonds filter is everything of the sort. All the glamour you need to turn these holidays into solid gold. You know.. if gold was diamonds. Let the  holidays shine with the Diamonds filter!

You deserve the Eraser Tool!

Your holidays are always picture perfect. You keep it clean and you keep it festive. Use the Eraser Tool to get rid of any grinches or unwanted blemishes in your pics and make sure you celebrate in pristine perfection!

Now that you’ve got your Airbrush Premium match go forth into the world and create some holiday magic! Make sure to hashtag #AirBrushApp to be featured on @AirBrushOfficial! You’ll have the world falling in love with your pics.

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