It’s Prismatic, Baby. New Prism Makeup Filter

Is it just us, or do prisms possess a magical charm that grabs your attention and draws you in? We know it all boils down to science, but we can’t help but be captivated by the almost mystical way the light dances off the multiple surfaces to create a dazzling, kaleidoscopic effect. In fact, we were so entranced that it inspired us to replicate those soft, hypnotic hues into the new Prism Makeup Filter. Follow along for a Makeup Edit that’s as subtle yet impactful as the prism itself.

Unleash Your Spectral Colors

Life is best lived in color, wouldn’t you agree? Lucky for you, the Prism Makeup Filter serves up all the color you’ll need to give your face a lift. The vivid shades accented by flecks of gold create an ethereal effect that mirrors the impact of the prism to give you an almost angelic look.

  • Find the Prism Makeup Filter in your Makeup Tab
  • Use the center toggle to adjust the strength of the Filter
  • Click the check mark to save your edit.

Now, there’s no need to improve on perfection, but if you want to add a little more glitz, the Glitter tool is at your service.

  • Find the Glitter Tool  in the Retouch Tab.
  • Select the gold Glitter and zoom in to dab a little in the corners of your eyes
  • Click the check mark to save your edit

Time to Refract that Light

Don’t you just love it when your beat is fresh and the light hits it just right? But, when that doesn’t happen naturally, Relight’s got you! Tap into its power to redirect the light to your face so you remain the focal point of this prismatic photo feature. 

  • Go to Tools and select Relight
  • Choose the effect that suits you best or use Custom to create your own
  • The Relight Tool will automatically select and illuminate your face
  • Click the check mark to save your edit

End with an Earth-Shattering Filter

With a look this sweet, we’re in favor of a filter that keeps you grounded right here on planet earth. Limestone has just the right delicate touch to produce a final look that’s prism-perfect.

Well, in case you couldn’t tell, we’re obsessed with our new Prism Makeup Filter! And we’d bet anything that you are too! Ready to create your own Prismatic magic? Share it with us using #AirBrushApp and there’s a chance you could be featured in our @AirBrushOfficial Instagram stories. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your next AirBrush creation!

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