Mouthwatering Foodie Filters

Photos of people are great and all but have you ever tried to create a mouthwatering food photo? Surprisingly, it’s not as easy as it seems (food bloggers of the world, we appreciate you!). But if you’re set on becoming the next ‘it’ foodstagrammer, we’ve got just the treat  for you. On the AirBrush app we have a Foodie filter pack with 5 options to make all your food photos look just as mouth watering as they taste in person.

To test them all out, we’re constructing the perfect summer meal, featuring each Foodie filter pack option!


Before any great meal, it’s great to have a cool, refreshing cocktail. For those of us who are not of drinking age, this should be a non-alcoholic option like a smoothie or lemonade.

Using the Foodie filter on AirBrush, you can make just about any beverage look more revitalizing. Take the below picture of a mojito. Who doesn’t love a minty, bubbly mojito on a hot summer day? 

Would you like your mojito Juicy, Sweet or Sour? Pick your flavor choice from one of the 5 options available on the Foodie filter! FYI, we went with Sweet. See below.

For you non-alcoholic beverage drinkers, try applying the Foodie filter to your next refreshing smoothie photo!

In this situation, you can really see the different hues of each flavor option. Tangy brings out the citrus undertones of the smoothie, while Juicy and Sweet amplify the berry colors.


Time for the next course! For this summer meal, we’ve picked out a caprese salad that will be a feast for the eyes once we apply a Foodie filter. 

Would you like your salad more tomato-forward and Sweet? Or, balsamic vinegar-forward and Sour? How about extra salt and more olives for a Spicy touch?

We’ve still got some sweetness on our tongues from the drinks so we’ll go with the Spicy filter option. This option really highlights the olive tones of the photo and helps make the basil garnish pop! See below.


For this summer meal, we’re serving up a creamy, lemon-glazed, pan-fried salmon, locally-sourced from the California coast. Can we get an ‘amen’ for fresh-caught wild salmon?? Don’t worry, there are also vegetables baked into this dish. That is, fresh kale grown in an organic garden near you. To make this main course all the more delicious we’re adding 3 optional filter flavors to you. Would you like your salmon Tangy, Juicy or Sweet

We went with Juicy, because it truly does wonders in enhancing the lemon-encrusted tinge of the dish. Doesn’t the salmon just look perfectly golden brown in that filter? In the case that your pan frying skills are not quite up to snuff, go ahead and apply the Juicy filter option for a quick fix!


We have 2 options for dessert: a homemade blackberry creamsicle and an apricot tart. For both, we’re serving them up on the Tangy side to really bring out the fruit flavors. Especially at the end of the summer, a little tartness goes a long way in refreshing yourself in the heat.

Now you have all the recipes you need to cook and edit a brilliant meal using AirBrush! Make sure to upload your foodie filter photos to Instagram with the #AirBrushApp hashtag to be featured on @AirBrushOfficial.

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