Photoshoot by Martinha Barreto

Ever since I was a kid, I have being photographed. It is not by chance that my mother took me to a child model agency. I would walk on the runway and participate in photo shoots. After I grew up, I realized that photography delighted me not only because I was in front of the camera, but also because I could see how life was behind them. So, I really learned how to photograph and how to be photographed.

Although some people find that being photographed can be difficult, it has always been natural to me. I have never been shy in front of a camera (although I am shy in other situations).

I know that many people can feel shy, so I’d like to give them some tips to become more natural in front of a camera. Here they areare some of my suggestions:

Feel comfortable with the photographer. Talk to him/her before your photo shoot, see if you have anything in common, which could make communication during your session a lot easier. This is how the photographer can catch you with a real smile.

Try to keep in mind that it is not shameful to be photographed. When your shyness tries to get in the way, yell these words back at it: “I am not doing anything wrong!”.

If possible, play the songs you like. This way you’ll feel more relaxed and be able to
come up with new poses.

Speaking of poses, don’t be afraid to innovate. Raise your arms, jump, lie down on the floor, sit, think, do whatever comes to your mind! Just be yourself!

Take a look at some pictures that inspire you – not to copy them, but to have an idea of things you can do that you may like.

Photoshoot by Martinha Barreto 01

I know these tips seem simple, but they do make a difference in a photo shoot. You’ll always
find inspiration and tips like these in this blog. It is also a good idea to visit photography
websites and even take a look at Instagram hashtags to have ideas for your photo shoot.

This is it for now! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. You can find me here or on my social sites:

Love, Martinha Barreto.

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