Airbrush User Masterpieces

Why do we do it? For the fame? For the glory? No, no. We’re here in the name of gorgeous content and boy have you all delivered. We’ve collected our top 5 favorite Airbrush user edits showing off our some of our favorite editing tools and filters. We’re also giving you all the intel on how to whip up your very own creation using the same Filters, Brushes, & Tools these fabulous AirBrush users used. Allons-y!

Do it with Pride

First off is this color pop from the amazing AirBrush user @jkphoto. One of our favorite launches was the Pride set of Lens flares which give you a gorgeous burst of rainbow bright realness. It’s the perfect way to show some love to the universe and yourself! Simply visit the Filter library and download the Pride set. You’ll find 5 different filters: Valiant, Creative, Colorful, Inspired, and Powerful. Who doesn’t want to be any one of those things? Looking for an in depth lesson on Filters? Here’s our How To: Filters post.

Prism of love

Now Prism is a completely underrated Katy Perry album but it’s also one of Airbrush’s most amazing tools. There are few images in this world that Prism wouldn’t turn into a MOCA status picture. Throw a printer and frame in the mix and we can hustle some dollars off this. That’s all I’m saying. AirBrush user @maries_oxford_ showed us that color blocking is life with this super casual yet stunning picture. Who me? I’m just a regular shmegular girl who can wear a striped shirt and braided bag strap like nobody’s business. No biggie. 

Amongst the cherry blossoms

Right on the heels of our newly premiered tutorial on the Background tool, AirBrush user @_angiesbeautycorner_ gave us A corner of Beauty! Blue skies and blue eyeshadow what more could you ask for?! We’re obsessed with the combo of technicolor lighting and a sky full of blooms. Want to take yourself somewhere new? Check out our post We Are All Made of Stars: New Backgrounds.

You do the hokey bokeh and you turn yourself AMAZING

Listen, when you see a well dressed man everything else seems to melt away, doesn’t it? Airbrush might’ve had a hand in that. AirBrush user @danielhanmusic took his red carpet swag to the next level using the Bokeh tool. What’s a Bokeh you might ask? No clue here but we do know that you can learn all about it by reading our post How to: Bokeh

Coming clean

Ever wish you could snap your fingers and everything around you would just clean itself? Well low and behold here comes the Whiten tool on the Airbrush app. Queen Goddess and AirBrush user @styledbykami went off with this gorgeous shot which gives us all the dreamy feelz you didn’t even know you needed (love the top, gurl). Our post on Whiten Tricks will walk you through all the in’s and outs of this amazing tool. Now you can clean house and show off so fresh and so so clean

This may be the first AirBrush user photo contest but it won’t be the last! Create create create and tag @Airbrush so we can feature your perfectly edited photos in our next AirBrush user spotlight! Make sure to use the #AirBrushApp hashtag let us know which of the tools or filters are your favorites. 

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Subscribe now and create pro-level edits with AirBrush Premium.
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